Customer service and satisfaction is always a priority. Here’s what some of our customers have to say about us.

“We just wanted to take the time to say thank you for all the gifts you’ve given our family. The most obvious gift is your carpentry skills. Throughout the this project, time and again you have remained open minded, positive and brought creative thinking to us just when we needed it the most, and put it all together with a very skilled hand. All things we have truly benefited from. But we know there is much more to thank you for! By example, you have reminded us, and taught our kids great life lessons. We were all able to witness the importance of hard work accomplished with pride, integrity, and with great consideration of humans (both big and small) not to mention the animals (both big and small!). You have been a role model of a gentle man who has earned all of our respect. We wish you great things in your life, Roe thank you for sharing so much of yourself with us. I’m hopeful our paths will cross again. Until then Louise & Chris, for: Max, Ceilia….. Milo, Julio, Diva, & Paulie” (Stratham,NH)

“Thanks again for the great job. The window looks great! I will call you again if we need anything done and share you with our friends! Sincerely Scott and Sandy” (Stratham, NH)

“…my many thanks for a great job so well done.” “When I saw you working at (the neighbors) I knew you ran a first class operation. All the best Arthur.” (Portsmouth, NH)

“Dear Roe, We are writing a long overdue note to thank you so much for doing such an amazing job on our upstairs addition and renovation. You were such a pleasure to work with, and we can honestly say that you are the first contractor that we actually looked forward to seeing every day. Not many people can say that about there contractors. From the design and planning stages to the construction stage and even after the job was complete, you went above and beyond to make us happy. Your attention to detail and craftsmanship exceeded our expectations and was so much appreciated. Especially with the baby coming early, you worked extra long and hard to get the upstairs ready for us to come home. You were always so generous and thoughtful when it came to extra jobs we needed done; it was more like having a friend around helping us out. We feel very fortunate to have met you and appreciate your conscientious and straightforward approach to all you do. Your experience and level of expertise on custom design made us feel extremely comfortable throughout the entire process, and we always had the sense you were looking out for the best possible outcome for us, even if it may not have been the easiest way for you. We are looking forward to working with you on our next home improvement and based on a level of professionalism and commitment you showed us, there is no doubt that you will continue to have a very successful career. It was truly a pleasure to have you in our home. Warm regards, Kim and Tom.”

“Dear Roe, After all the extensive work that you and your folks did at our house Judi and I thought we should pen this short note of gratitude and thanks for a job very well done! When we started last fall with the sun room addition we were very excited to make this conversion of our deck but unsure how much we wanted to do and if the business arrangement was going to work out the way we had hope. Past experiences with contractors had more often than not come up short on many fronts and not something that we looked forward to experiencing again. However I must say everything about the project was very well done and more than exceeded our expectations. Your crew of Jeff, Joe and David were outstanding and extremely easy to work with and live around, and little did we know that this would become so important as the winter progressed. From the sun room we moved to the basement project and really gained an appreciation for the quality, expertise and accommodating approach your company and folks take to the job every day. Like the sun room the basement project was done with the quality, excellent materials and craftsmanship that we were expecting and resulted in a very nice addition to our home and living area. I remain very impressed with your ability to work with us and around us as you did a significant amount of construction without ever disrupting our daily lives. When we discovered the issues and problems with the outside siding, windows and roof I became extremely concerned with the prior work done by the original builder and the scope, time and effort that this was going to entail. However your confidence and track record with the two prior projects allowed me to feel much better and remain focused on my own world of work rather than become distracted with the issues we were uncovering daily at our house. Roe I can hardly express my gratitude and feeling for such a quality job your folks did in the dead of winter and under less than ideal working conditions on the outside of the home. I know that Judi was very pleased and became very comfortable with Jeff, Joe and David working all around our house and never creating a problem for us. It is a real strength and testament to the values that you and your team have, which I see as a very strong core strength and an advantage you have over your competitors. Honesty, trustworthy, efficiency, value, accommodating and timely all come to mind when I reflect on this past winter and all the work you did at my house. In summary Roe I think you have an outstanding team, run a good business and provide a very good value to the customer, I would recommend you for any construction project and truly appreciate the relationship that has developed and the business we have done this past fall, winter and this spring. Kind regards, Mark”